The Forgetting

by Nicole Maggi

February 3, 2015; ISBN: 9781492603566; $9.99; Trade Paper

Sourcebooks Fire– Young Adult Fiction, Mysteries & Detective Stories

Ages 14-17, Grades 8-12

Georgie’s new heart saved her life…but now she’s losing her mind.

When Georgie Kendrick wakes up after a heart transplant she feels…different. The organ beating in her chest isn’t in tune with the rest of her body. Like it still belongs to someone else.  Someone with terrible memories…memories that are slowly replacing her own. Georgie discovers her heart belonged to a teenage girl who lived a rough life on the streets. Everyone thinks she committed suicide, but only Georgie knows the truth. And now Georgie has to catch a killer--before she loses herself completely. 

 Fans of Lisa McMann and April Henry will devour this edgy, gripping thriller with a twist readers won’t see coming!

Nicole Maggi wrote her first story in third grade about a rainbow and a unicorn. After working as an actress in NYC, she now lives in Los Angeles with her family and two oddball cats. Visit her at

An Excerpt

I jerked awake after what felt like only a minute.  Darkness cloaked every inch of the room.  I sat up.  Panic snaked through me.  This wasn’t my room.  This room smelled sweet and clean and moonlight spilled in through a window.  I had never slept in a room with a window.

I never know what time it is in my room because no light squeezes in; even the door reaches all the way to the floor.  Dankness clings to the walls and I can’t breathe deep in here, not without getting a mouthful of mold.  The air is too close, like there’s not enough of it.  I grope for the flashlight I keep next to my bed so I won’t have to step onto the concrete floor to flip the switch by the door… 

But the flashlight wasn’t there.

Pain seized my chest.  My hand collided with the ornate lamp on the nightstand and I clicked it on.  A soft circle of light pooled on the wall.  I blinked.  I was in my own room, with its plush carpeted floors and large bay window and lamps on each side of the bed.  Why would I think I was in a room barely bigger than a closet, sleeping on a cot that was too small for me?  Where had that memory come from?  I closed my eyes and let the picture form.  Clear and vivid, I saw that room.  I knew every nook and cranny of that room.  But as far as I could remember, I had never been there.  How could I remember someplace I had never been?

The middle-of-the-night hush closed in on me and the only sound was The Catch, breathing in between my heartbeats like it was its own being.  I moved my hand in slow circles over my heart but there was no sweetness to be found.  In the stillness of the sleeping house, I let myself think the unthinkable.  The memory of that room didn’t belong to me, and neither did the memory of that strawberry shortcake.

Those memories belonged to the previous owner of my heart. 

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My Year of Epic Rock

by Andrea Pyros

epic rock

My year of epic rock is adorable! This is one middle schoolers will enjoy reading. Everyone can relate to having that best friend then over the summer they decide your no longer their friend and have a new bestie!

Nina thought her and Brianna would pick up where last school year left off, but she was wrong. Now she eats lunch with her other food allergy classmates. However remember the saying Every cloud has a silver lining: Nina makes some great friends and they even start a band "The Epipens"! They are great together, really talented and join the school's talent show.

While navigating life with lots of food allergies, losing a best friend, but gaining better best friends that get and understand life with allergies, and even a boyfriend, Nina has decided this school year is Epic!

A great clean book for tweens and young teens with a sweet kiss at the very end. My Year of Epic Rock is a sure-fire hit!

Time Flies

illustrated by Eric Rohman

Wordless Picture Book Wednesday

Notable Children's Book 1995


Follow a little birds journey and adventure into the land of the dinosaurs.  A bird flies into a dinosaur exhibit at a local museum. While perched on top of a t-rex's tooth. After the bird takes off and soars through the museum you see the place through the imagination of the little bird.

The little bird is imagining what it would be like to fly with the first birds. Imagining that he/she is a pterosaurs or other dinosaur bird. While soaring in and out of the different exhibits within the museum the book ends with the bird flying right into the mouth of the t-rex the book started with. Little bird decides it is time to leave and join the birds of today.

This picture book is great and lends itself to some great discussions and story telling.

Some Discussion Questions you could use as prompts for read aloud time:

  • See if your child or students can name the dinosaurs  that are included in the book? You'd be amazed at how well they can say these incredibly hard names.

  • Compare what it was like between Land of the Dinosaurs and Today

  • Ask why they think the bird pretended to be flying with the big dinosaur birds?

  • Do they think the little bird will come back to the museum and play again?

The Most Magnificent Thing

by Ashley Spires

published by Kids Can Press


This picture book by Ashley Spires, is so adorable { I know almost all picture books are, but this book is definitely one that is!} First off the age range listed is preschool through grade 2. However I think it lends itself for going beyond 2nd grade. It would be a great read aloud since the message is a good one.

The story follows "the girl" and her best friend in the whole wide world her dog. "the girl" does everything with the dog. One day she gets this inspiration in her head and sets out to create it. Have you ever done that get this thought/vision in your head and try to create it. Some how they always look better in my head than when I create them. This is also the case for "the girl" the problem is she is a perfectionist so it has to be perfect. Along the way she discards just everything and almost quits!

After a melt down of all melt downs, a good cry, a nice long walk the mad feelings go away and she starts over. She she leaves all her other designs and sets out 1 more time.The people along the street where she has created these creations have stopped to check them out and realize they can use them. In the end she is able to create something close to what she wanted to  make in the first place. She persevered and didn't quit, she maybe even let go of a teeny tiny bit of her perfectionist personality and her and her assistant set out on The Most Magnificent Thing!


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